5 Reasons why you should be looking for houses for sale in Liverpool today!

Are you looking for your first home? Maybe youíre looking to expand into a new family home? Or maybe youíre searching for your next fantastic property investment? Well if your answer is yes to any of those, then here are five reasons why you should be looking for houses for sale in Liverpool today! Why not check out the houses for sale in Liverpool that we have on offer now!

1. The Financial

So let's get the financial information over and done with first - Liverpool has a booming economy of £25.3 billion and with significant investment coming from private investors, such as the £1 billion investment over the last year for the development of Liverpoolís Superport, creating new jobs and connecting Liverpool with the rest of the world, that economy is only going to continue to grow.

On the property side a detached house in Liverpool on average will cost you £249,876 whereas itís equivalent in London would cost you a massive £1, 420, 461, but with a 20% forecasted growth in the Liverpool property market over the next five years there is no better time than the present to look at houses for sale in Liverpool.

2. The History

Liverpool has a stoic history and is recognised as the birthplace of the modern world, from industry to culture. Having two Premier League football clubs and the origin of some of the world's most renowned bands from The Beatles, The Futons and Frankie Goes to Hollywood, itís easy to see why Liverpool was crowned European Capital of Culture in 2008.

But itís not only the culture of Liverpool that has a famous history, so does the architecture, with the Three Graces of the Royal Liver Building, the Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building all being iconic landmarks spaces across the city, or maybe the old battered St. Lukeís Cathedral standing as a testament to those who died in The Blitz and the unmoving spirit of the city, is more your iconic image of Liverpool.

3. The Great Outdoors

As well as being a bustling city Liverpool is filled with amazing outdoor spaces and incredible views, be it the central location of the Albert Docks where you can relax with a coffee as you look out at Mersey estuary.

Or maybe youíd prefer to get out of the city, well within easy walking distance is the famous Sefton Park near the fascinating Lark Lane, full of runners, dog walkers and an amazing palm house. A little further out to the South youíll find a green oasis in Calderstones Park or towards the North of the city, you can take a stroll through the beautiful Stanley Park.

4. Food & Drink

After a busy day of unpacking in that perfect house for sale in Liverpool that youíve just bought, what better way to relax than with the world's food at your fingertips as you drool your way along Bold Street.

But if a drink is more your flavour then Liverpool wonít disappoint there either with everything you need to drown your sorrows or celebrate to your heart's content, from the dying breed of pubs like the Caledonia to the speakeasy feel of the Salt Dogs. And when you need that cup of coffee the next morning to wake you up, you wonít have to walk far to find a cup thatíll hit the spot.

5. The People

Finally but in no ways least, no blog about why you should be looking for houses for sale in Liverpool would be complete without mentioning the people of this great city. Though most stereotypes would have you believe that everyone has a chip on their shoulder and blue on their collar, that couldnít be further from the truth.

Liverpool has been named the unofficial capital of kindness with the people being the friendliest youíll ever meet and always up for a laugh. Itís the kind of place you meet your new best friend down at the Ship & Mitre over a pint or discuss philosophy with your taxi driver.

So there you have it five convincing reasons why you should be looking at houses for sale in Liverpool today!



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