Advice for tenants moving out of their property!

If you’re moving out of a rental property, our advice is to leave it as you found it. Landlords accept that there will be an element of wear and tear during any normal residential tenancy. However, if it's anything more than a reasonable amount, you could see deductions from your deposit. Our lettings expert Karon Murphy gives her top 10 tips on making the moving out experience as pleasant as possible for both landlords and tenants:

1. Refresh your memory

Have a read through your inventory check-in report and refresh your memory about the condition of the property when you first moved in. Tenants renting through LPS can find their inventory check-in report under the 'Documents' tab in My Area or email us to provide a copy.

2. Rearrange furniture

If you’ve moved furniture around, be sure to return all items of furniture to the original room – the inventory check-in report will also help with this if you can't remember. This will help to avoid claims for missing items that are simply in a different room.

3. Clean up

All areas of the property need to be cleaned to the same standard they were in when you first moved in. This includes the oven, fridge freezer (get defrosting) and windows! Moving out can be stressful enough, so think about calling a professional cleaning service in if you have the budget. Remember carpets should be professionally cleaned before moving out. Leave the property as you would like to move into it!

4. Unwanted items

Don’t just leave unwanted items behind, as you might be charged for the cost of disposal. Check the original inventory check-in report to be sure what needs to stay in the property, and arrange to pack and move, or dispose, of anything you own.

5. Off the wall

Minor scuffs or marks could count as wear and tear, but if you’ve made holes in the walls by hanging pictures or TVs, then you are responsible for returning the walls back to their original condition.

6. Break the mould

Mould in the bathrooms is usually due to condensation. There are lots of mould cleaning products available and we even have a video that tells you the best way to remove mould!

7. Check Lightbulbs

If bulbs in light sockets were in full working order when you moved in, they also need to be working when you move out.

8. The great outdoors

Any private outdoor space, like a garden, terrace or balcony, also needs to look like it did when you moved in. Mow the lawns, trim shrubs appropriately and remove any unwanted furniture you brought to the property. Gardens are the responsibility of tenants during your time living there.

9. Key change

All sets of keys, security fobs, parking permits and utility cards need to be returned to us as these can be difficult and expensive to replace. Make sure these are returned on the last day of your tenancy as anything later could mean you are liable to pay additional rent.

10. Utilities

Use the checklist below to make sure all your utilities are taken care of:

  • Take a photo of the meters as you walk out the door. Contact the utility companies to give them your final readings and pay any balance owing
  • Close your council tax account and pay any balance owing
  • Notify TV Licensing about your change of address
  • Re-direct your post with Royal Mail

It’s always better to speak to us in advance if you think there any issues that may affect your move out. We will hopefully be able to find a solution that suits all involves parties. Remember to refer to your handy LPS Real Estate Tenant Handbook if you have any queries on looking after your home during and at the end of your tenancy. Click here to view our Tenant handbook.