Faster Repairs with FixFlo

Reliable Property Management in Liverpool

FixFlo, our fantastic digital system for reporting repairs and managing maintenance, has been given an upgrade and is working better than ever for our occupiers, contractors and landlords. 

It is now a cloud-based one stop shop for the whole maintenance process from the issue being reported by the occupier to the invoice being submitted by the contractor. Already, the automated system is proving to be more time-efficient and is adding a whole new level of transparency, with occupiers, landlords and contractors being able to log-in 24/7 to see the status of the repair and input any queries they may have. 

One of our regular contractors said: “The new system that LPS is using is a gamechanger. I can be kept up to date with all new work orders, outstanding work orders and I can update the status of each job directly through the APP. I get a lot of jobs from LPS, and this is helping me stay organised, minimising mistakes and is making jobs more efficient and less prone to error.” 

So how does it work? Landlords receive a notification informing them an issue has been reported and are asked for approval for it to proceed. The system then sends a request the relevant contractors to quote for the work and upload them to the system once compiled. The ‘winning’ contractor is notified and will liaise with the occupier to arrange the repair. Once completed, the contractor will upload photos and videos of the repair, an invoice and the job will be close once all parties are satisfied and the bill paid.  

Vicky Hughes, the maintenance director at LPS, said: “Our aim is to save time and stress for occupiers, landlords, contractors and for ourselves and this is proving an effective way to do that. We have brought all the information on each maintenance job together in one digital space and made it visible to all involved parties, which has made the process more efficient and has resulted in repairs being completed faster. We are no longer wasting time chasing repairs and this means we can all focus on the more important tasks, such as the contractors getting on with the job in hand.”

FixFLo perfectly complements My Area which is the digital software that our landlords and vendors use to track the status of their properties. 

At LPS, we are always looking at ways we can evolve our business and ensure our customers and clients receive the very best service from us.

If you would like further information about FixFlo and how it work please contact us