For many of us, our pets are cherished members of the family. However, finding a rented property that welcomes furry (or feathered, or scaled) friends can be a headache, but the tide is turning! The Renters Reform Bill in the UK, currently making its way through parliament, aims to make things easier for tenants with pets. We take a look at what this means for responsible pet owners and landlords alike.

Goodbye Blanket Bans, Hello Responsible Ownership

Traditionally, landlords could simply say "no pets" across the board. Under the new bill, this practice becomes largely outdated. Tenants will have the right to request keeping a pet in their rented property, and landlords can only refuse that request on reasonable grounds. This means factors like the type of pet, size and potential damage must be considered, not just a blanket ban. Tenants will also be able to appeal against decisions.

Landlords, Don't Panic!

This does not mean you have to open your doors to every creature under the sun. The bill allows landlords to set reasonable conditions for pet ownership, including requiring pet insurance, requesting references from previous landlords and charging extra deposits to cover potential wear and tear. You can also specify the type and number of pets allowed.

Open Communication is Key

The new bill fosters a more collaborative approach. When a tenant requests a pet, open communication becomes crucial. Landlords should clearly outline their criteria and concerns, while tenants should demonstrate responsible pet ownership and be prepared to address potential issues.

As agents, we have definitely noticed an increase in the number of tenants looking to let with their pets. Here are some tips for both parties:


  • Be open to reasonable requests and consider each case individually.
  • Require pet insurance and consider larger deposits to cover pet-related wear and tear.
  • Communicate openly and address concerns constructively.


  • Do your research and choose a pet suitable for your rental situation.
  • Be upfront about your pet and provide references from previous landlords.
  • Get tenant pet insurance to cover any damages that pet may cause. This needs to be based on the property you are moving into and you can ask Canopy for a quote when you are going through the referencing process. Your insurance certificate must be passed onto us.
  • Be a responsible pet owner and maintain the property well.
  • The Renters Reform Bill is currently in progress and hasn't been implemented yet. We’ll keep you updated on its progress and final details.

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