To help protect our teams, our customers and to help reduce the spread of covid, we have taken the following action:

1. We have carried out a risk assessment of our business and our premises and have shared this assessment with the people who work for us.

2. Our office is open, but we will operate a locked door and ‘by appointment’ basis only. We will limit the number of people on our premises at any one time.

3. Where people do visit our office then social distancing measures will be followed and face coverings will be worn by our team and visitors at all times.

4. Where possible we have taken all reasonable steps to allow our team to work from home.

5. We have increased cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures both in our office and for teams who are out and about meeting clients.

6. We promote virtual and online methods of transactions including viewings and valuations and live, on-line, open house viewings.

7. Where face-to-face contact is required, we will ensure we ask 3 basic questions before any meeting takes place: have they been advised by NHS to self-isolate; are they showing any symptoms and awaiting test results/or a test; have they recently returned from travel outside the UK which may be subject to quarantine restrictions – we will always check the Government travel corridor information.

8. Where a face-to-face meeting is to take place, we will issue written confirmation on exactly what will happen at the meeting to ensure all parties are fully aware of the process and what to expect.

9. We will not allow any face-to-face open house viewings.

10. When undertaking viewings, we will only open the door to allow the viewer to look around the property. We will not accompany the viewer into the house and any questions can be asked either outside at a safe distance or over the telephone.

11. We will avoid any physical contact and regrettably decline any offer of refreshments in people’s homes or provide any refreshments in our offices.

12. We will obtain and retain your contact information on any face-to-face contact to enable contact to be made for any test and trace purposes – this will either be manual or by scanning a QR code when entering our offices.

13. We will follow Government guidance on Home Moving at all times.

Working together we are doing ‘our bit’ to help reduce the probability of coming into contact with someone who may have Coronavirus even if they don’t display any symptoms. We will constantly be checking on the Government Guidelines.